Rapid COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Fast, Effective & Scalable FDA approved/EUA Tests. 

All organizations — business, government and nonprofit — want to restore operations as quickly and safely as possible. They need a well-coordinated, well-executed health security plan. Cherokee Federal has partnered with industry leaders to offer a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program, featuring a combination of FDA approved and emergency use authorized (EUA) tests, clinical staff, logistics and data analytics.

Our turn-key approach is scalable and modular. We help agencies strengthen entry and exit protocols, contain infection risks, alert staff, perform contact tracing, and monitor worksite conditions in real time. Cherokee Federal helps clients coordinate each component easily and effectively. Contact us today.

Around the world, COVID-19 remains a threat to operational continuity. Employees and visiting stakeholders need to know you have their health security in mind.

Health security seeks answers to questions, such as:
• How can we maximize traffic flow & reduce operational impacts?
• How can we quickly deploy on-site health screening and COVID-19 testing solutions?
• How can we monitor the health of on-site employees & visitors?
• How can we implement touchless solutions throughout our facility?
• How can we safely isolate individuals who show symptoms of infection?

Partnering with Cherokee Federal has many advantages, including answers and solutions to the above questions. Not only can we help improve your team’s health security, we can provide you the steps to make your workplace safer, construct facilities with your choice of health security features, and shield your clinicians and security staff with our line of modular, biosecurity products. 

Reliable, Modular
and Well-Connected

Cherokee's modular approach to health security gives you the flexibility to choose the components you need for your organization. Each one is effective and reliable on its own. As a solutions set, they’re even better. All program components can be connected through the Healthy Workforce Decision Analytics Dashboard  giving you timely recommendations and actionable data. Learn more about our health security solutions: 

Your Shield
in a New Era
for Public Health

Scout Health Security™ solutions is a new line of products aimed at addressing the global health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The product line, designed and manufactured by Cherokee Federal in our plant in Pryor, Oklahoma, is tailored to meet your specific health security needs. From checking for symptoms upon entry to your facility with Scout Guard™, to isolating individuals who present symptoms using Scout Protect™, or conducting on-site testing to reduce exposure to aerosols using Scout Detect™, we have solutions to help your organization safely reopen and restore normal operations.

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