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Implement a Critical CDC Recommendation

Cherokee Federal is an effective and responsive provider of specialized health security and management professionals. These professionals are ready to implement the right contact tracing and alert systems throughout your organization to meet the unique challenges posed by COVID-19. Such systems are key to preventing the resurgence of COVID-19 among your workforce and the general public.

Every health security component is built with your project’s success story in mind.

Our solutions are tailored for your organization’s specific health security needs. Cherokee can help team leaders reactivate the workplace and create the safest possible work environment. We quickly deploy on-site epidemiological investigators to identify, monitor, and warn at-risk employees and implement a contact tracing and alert process that slows the spread of infectious disease.

Solutions to Make Your Workplace Safer

Partnering with Cherokee Federal has many advantages. Not only can we help improve your team’s health security, we can show you the steps to make your workplace safer. Each of our program components can be coordinated through the Healthy Workforce Decision Analytics Dashboard — providing you timely recommendations and actionable data. Our contact tracing services will help your organization:

  • Identify, track & warn at-risk employees — with on-site epidemiological investigators
  • Record & report accurately — with dedicated clinical, legal & safety experts
  • Clearly communicate risk & next steps


Performance Highlights

  • Comprehensive Health Surveillance | Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • Paramedic Support | Sheppard Air Force Base
  • Programmatic & Technical Support | Defense Health Agency (DHA) Clinical Support Division

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