Healthy Workforce Decision Analytics Dashboard


Make informed decisions that protect your workforce from health security threats. Cherokee Federal can work with you to define business objectives, identify needs and capture, integrate and visualize data in a meaningful way to improve outcomes. With a custom dashboard, we’ll connect your health security components, giving you near real-time situational awareness to help you establish baselines, identify risks and analyze trends to keep your workforce safe.

Every health security component is built with your project’s success story in mind.

Ensuring that your staff can feel safe at work is critical to returning our nation to normal operations, and we understand that protecting your workforce is your most mission-essential objective. The Cherokee Federal team can match the smartest analytic tools to your health security program. Working together, we can inform better, data-driven decisions and protect your workforce from current and future health security threats.

Analytics Solutions for a Safer Workplace

Partnering with Cherokee Federal has many advantages. Not only can we help improve your team’s health security, we can help you track and measure business outcomes. All your health security program components can be connected through the Healthy Workforce Decision Analytics Dashboard — a custom dashboard giving you timely recommendations and actionable data. Our services are tailored to help your organization:

  • Improve Outcomes Via Data-driven Decision Support
  • Comply with HIPAA & OSHA Regulations on Data Aggregation, Reporting & Storage
  • Establish a Baseline, Improve Data Integrity & Continuously Improve Internal Processes

Performance Highlights

  • Comprehensive Health Surveillance | Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • Programmatic & Technical Support | Defense Health Agency (DHA) Clinical Support Division
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Modernization

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