Cherokee Federal electronic security solutions help agencies comply with government regulations

October 28, 2021

Commercial and federal businesses rely on electronic security systems (ESS) – from alarms and access control to closed-circuit TV (CCTV)checkpoints and perimeter security – to help keep their facilities and their employees safe.


Selecting the appropriate level of security to meet more stringent demands can be overwhelming. That’s why businesses trust Cherokee Federal. The company has comprehensive ESS capabilities across several of its tribally owned businesses – Cherokee Nation System Solutions, Cherokee Nation Security & Defense, Cherokee Nation Mission Solutions and Cherokee Nation Mechanical.


“Our ESS solutions are wide-ranging,” says Alison Kruse, program director at Cherokee Nation Mission Solutions. “We base our recommendations off of government regulations and industry standards to provide the most sophisticated system within our clients’ practical applications.”


Cherokee’s goal with every project is to avoid interfering with its clients’ current operations. The company’s team of experts provides ESS solutions in all forms and focuses on recommending systems that are sustainable for the longterm.


“We make sure there are system fail-safes in place,” Allison says. “Our team thoroughly examineweak points and builds in appropriate mitigation plans.”


Cherokee Federal’s in-house technical experts and installation technicians are certified across a number of systems. Program managers take an advanced management approach for handling logistical resourcing. 


Past Performance

Cherokee has decades of experience providing ESS solutions to commercial and government clients.


The company’s technical team recently designed and installed an ESS system for an emergency intake center supporting the Department of Health and Human Services in Pomona, CaliforniaDue to the urgent nature of the project, there was no time for the client to voice the full breadth of the requirements.


“We relied on industry best practices and used our technical expertise to design an optimal solution in a non-traditional environment,” says Bill Lipsteuer, Cherokee Federal account manager. The first cameras for the CCTV system went live within 36 hours. Advanced access controls were in place within two weeks.”


Cherokee also works with IRS facilities nationwide and in U.S. Territories in support of the Physical Security Emergency Preparedness program. The company provides comprehensive Physical Security Systems Maintenance support at an enterprise level for all physical security assets and equipment. Additional clients include the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of State and the Defense Health Agency.


In addition to Cherokee’s CONUS experience, the company has demonstrated expertise working in complex international environments including projects for the Department of State at the U.S. Embassies in South Sudan and at airports in Mexico. Cherokee also supports the Department of Defense at U.S. Air Force bases in the Middle East, among others.


We take a global approach to security integration,” Bill explains. “We have technical and diplomatic experts with relations in specific countries who understand the different business cultures, import/export regulations and local economies. Our team is able to bridge communication gaps and put ESS systems in place that achieve our clients’ mission.” 


Today’s ESS systems are less about physical barriers and more about accessing the best technologies. Cherokee’s primary mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that mitigate risk, meet compliance goals and reduce overall life-cycle costs. 


“The need for security at commercial and federal businesses will always exist,”  Bill remarks. “For our clients, security truly is a matter of life and death.”


About Cherokee Federal

Cherokee Federal, a division of Cherokee Nation Businesses, is a team of tribally owned federal contracting companies that serve more than 60 federal clients. Our team of more than 3,600 employees has completed more than 5,300 federal missions in more than 20 countries.


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