CNOS helps save more than 50,000 workforce hours with EHR deployment optimization

December 02, 2021

There is nothing like a crisis to shed light on opportunities within an organization to improve systems and processes. From the outset of the current pandemic, public health officials and patient care facilities have required rapid, regular access to COVID-19 data to prepare response efforts and keep the public informed. Health care consumers want the same quick access to their test results to keep themselves and each other safe.

To better meet these needs, federal health organizations have been taking steps to implement more efficient, effective health care systems via electronic health records (EHR).

“By using electronic health records, federal agencies can share information across the continuum of care,” says Katie Stark, program manager at Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions (CNOS). “The result is a streamlined process that can lower health care costs and enable providers to deliver integrated health care to patients.”

The massive system changes to EHR may increase efficiencies and improve access to patient data, but the size and complexity of these changes can also generate pitfalls such as project delays, stakeholder hesitancy and unanticipated costs.

“Facilities are pulled between providing patient care, which is even more difficult during a pandemic, and installing a new EHR,” Katie explains. “With Team Cherokee, facilities can continue to focus on their day-to-day operations. We provide the full spectrum of support, including the critical function of provider adoption.”

CNOS’s approach centers on making the transition easier at the treatment facility — the frontline level. By paying attention to these key stakeholders and these details, Cherokee helps federal customers achieve their objectives.

Past Performance Success

CNOS has proven experience implementing commercial-grade EHR systems. The company has:

    • Supported more than 100 military treatment facilities (MTFs) and clinics;
    • Deployed more than 36,000 pieces of essential workflow enabler equipment; and
    • Saved MTFs more than 50,000 workforce hours across clinical and IT personnel

“There are numerous IT and clinical tasks that must be accomplished to implement EHR technology,” says Derek Witmer, program manager at CNOS. “We have expertise in data backloading, hardware installation, scheduling and lab validation, all of which are critical steps to ensure the integrity of post-deployment data.”

Cherokee’s diverse team of EHR professionals provides technical insight and support to facilitate a quality, successful transition for its customers. CNOS is currently the prime contractor for a federal client to support its military treatment facilities in implementing the new EHR.

“CNOS has access to a national network of clinicians, technicians and managers,” Derek remarks. “We provide comprehensive IT and clinical support for the EHR implementation. Because of CNOS’s supplemental support efforts, there were 50 thousand pieces of essential workflow enabler equipment the customer did not have to deploy and 30 thousand patient records they did not have to touch.”

Electronic health records improve data access across the care team, from the doctor’s office to lab technicians and pharmacists. This results in a more secure electronic exchange of medical information and patient data, better medical decisions, and better care for patients.

“The need for modernized EHR is more important than ever,” Katie says. “Our clients have been dealing with an international crisis. We assist them with implementation, so they can focus on the essential work of sustaining their operations and providing the best care to patients.”

Who We Are

Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions is part of Cherokee Federal, a team of tribally owned federal contracting companies focused on building solutions, solving complex challenges, and serving the nation’s mission around the globe for more than 60 federal clients. Cherokee Federal’s team of companies, with more than 3,600 employees, manages nearly 2,000 projects of all sizes across the construction, engineering and manufacturing and mission solutions portfolios — ranging from advanced data analytics and telehealth to cybersecurity, cloud and logistics.

Cherokee Federal is a division of Cherokee Nation Businesses, the economic engine of Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. Its mission is to diversify and grow the economy of Cherokee Nation. Company profits support future business investments, as well as programs and services for tribal citizens. Cherokee Federal also believes in the value of a diverse workforce and in investing in the brightest talent to keep the company moving forward.

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