Unmanned Systems

Your Big Data Expert in
the “Drone Age”
With millions of drones in use for land, sea and air applications, immense amounts of smart data from smart sensors requires strategic analysis. To discern the right information, you need a trusted partner that knows how to leverage advanced data management, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Partner with Cherokee Federal. Download the land and maritime unmanned systems (UXS) whitepapers below.
Domains of Expertise
Defense ISR
Convert reconnaissance and surveillance mission data into a “Common Operating Picture” to enable better decision-making.
Environmental Intelligence
Collect data to predict and minimize the impact of natural and man-made disasters – saving lives and property.
Geospatial Surveys
Survey, map, track and analyze data collection missions to improve short- and long-term planning.
Homeland Security
Support strategic border patrol missions with real-time data to mitigate risks and heighten safety.
Graphic describing the three domains of drone.
Ingenuity You Can Sense.
Data You Can Trust.
First, it was the Stone Age, then the Space Age. Today, advanced unmanned technology has pushed modern society into the “Drone Age.” Download the land and maritime UXS whitepapers below to make smarter decisions and generate actionable outcomes from your drone program. 
Land Capabilities
On the ground, drones make human performance stronger, more precise, and more efficient. The possibilities for land UXS are only just beginning, and Cherokee Federal is at the forefront of advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, machine autonomy, and UXS accessibility.
  • Homeland Security
  • Mining & Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Analytics
Land Whitepaper
Land Unmanned Systems
Unmanned systems are changing the landscape of possibilities across so many industries. Fill out the form to download our Land whitepaper.
Maritime Capabilities
The vast majority of our planet is covered by water, making it one of the most informative sources for data surrounding climate change, natural resources, national security, and more. Maritime UXS are expanding what we once thought possible, allowing for meaningful information to be collected and analyzed from parts of the ocean where no one has gone before.
  • Oceanic Exploration
  • Weather & Climate Predictions
  • National Defense
  • Sonar Readings
  • Ocean Floor Contour Sensors
  • Powerful Cyber Network
Maritime Whitepaper
Maritime Unmanned Systems
With drone technology, there are endless applications for efficient, cost-effective data management. Fill out the form to download our Maritime whitepaper.

Enabling Better Decisions Through Data Analytics

Cherokee Federal’s team of UXS operating companies identify observational requirements that UXS capabilities can address by providing unique, affordable and reliable data from any required perspective. It’s all about results.
UXS Data Capabilities
  • Program development, strategies & roadmaps
  • Proof of concept coordination; testing & evaluation
  • System engineering – analysis of alternatives
  • Leveraging UXS for cost-effective, higher resolution
  • Information collection
  • Facilitating FAA air & battle space approvals
  • Field-based operations & maintenance
  • Transitioning to “fully operational capability”
UXS Program Building Blocks
  • Aircraft Management
  • FAA Permissions
  • Program Management
  • Certified Operators
  • Ground Command & Control
  • Sensor Management
  • End-to-End Data Management
Generate Actionable
Outcomes from
Big Data Analysis
Decision makers aren’t interested in mounds of unusable data. That’s why Cherokee Federal cuts through the clutter and connects the dots between data collection and analysis – paving the way for smarter recommendations and, ultimately, wisdom. With Cherokee Federal’s expert approach to end-to-end data management, government agencies benefit from concrete outcomes and measurable results.
The ability to accomplish traditional land management missions in ⅐ the time and ⅒ the cost with drones is among the most notable of [the department’s] many successes.
Mark Bathrick
A Smarter & Faster Way to Contract
As the government’s trusted partner, Cherokee Federal’s team of UXS operating companies deliver proven results, leading-edge knowledge and end-to-end expertise across the lifecycle, so you can solve any of your complex technical issues. With Cherokee’s capabilities and expedient contracting benefits, you start the job sooner and achieve quality results on time and on budget.
Key Contracting Benefits
  • Tribally Owned 8(a)/SDB
  • GSA Schedule Access
  • Non-Personnel Services Expertise
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Strong CPARs & Client Referrals
Team of UXS Companies
  • Cherokee Nation Defense Solutions
  • Cherokee Nation Security & Defense
  • Cherokee Nation Strategic Programs
  • Cherokee Nation Technologies
  • Cherokee Services Group
Past Performance
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