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Meet Susan Scapperotti: Air Force recruiter adds passion and experience to the Cherokee team

November 10, 2020

Susan Scapperotti, a senior level recruiter, joined Cherokee Federal nearly a year ago. Her service in the Air Force and National Guard spanned 23 years with her final role as a program manager with the Air Force Recruiting School for the National Guard Bureau — where she graduated more than 400 students through a formal, five-week recruiter training program.


From the day I joined the Air Force, I wanted to be a recruiter. My recruiter was very motivational,” adds Scaperotti. When he asked what I wanted to do, I said: I want to do what you do. I want to help people.’”


Transitioning after serving in the military came with unique challenges for Scapperotti. She joined the Air Force when she was 18 years old, which left all of her experience in the service. With the rise of social media, Susan also faced a changed landscape in terms of networking and job searching.


“Everything was online. I quickly had to learn about all things digital, including social media and applying online,” said Scapperotti.


Scapperotti took on the digital landscape and it was ultimately social media that lead her to Cherokee Federal.


“I was introduced to Cherokee Federal by a recruiter who contacted me via LinkedIn. I was informed that Cherokee Federal could really use my experience from recruiting with the Air Force,” said Scapperotti. “I was really excited to hear about this opportunity since I would be working for a company that helps transitioning service members.”


Not only did Cherokee Federal provide an opportunity for Scapperotti to continue her passion for helping others, but the company’s unwavering mission and values also resonated with Susan as a veteran.


Cherokee Federal’s mission is to diversify its business footprint and grow the economy of Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. Company profits support future business investments, as well as critical programs and services for tribal citizens, including health care, housing and education. Moreover, Cherokee Federal also believes in the value of a diverse workforce and is always seeking top talent who shares its values and believes in making a difference.


“We are thrilled to have Susan on our team,” said Linda Carroll, lead senior recruiter for Cherokee Federal’s consulting business line. “Her passion and skill set are nothing short of impressive. She is a valuable team member.”


When asked what advice she would give to service members interested in transitioning to the private sector, Scapperotti urges others to see the value in their skills, training and education. She also recommends service members tailor their resume to each job they apply for — leaving military lingo specifically for government jobs.


In addition to becoming active on social media, Scapperotti highly suggests networking. “Find other veterans that have transitioned or are employed and connect with them via social media,” she remarks. “Ask them if they wouldn’t mind passing your resume off to management. Let everyone around you know that you are looking for a position.”


Cherokee Federal’s highly skilled and driven team of more than 3,000 employees are focused on building next-generation technologies, solving complex challenges and serving more than 60 federal agencies globally. The company embraces cross-cultural diversity and inclusion and the strength it brings to our client solutions. Join our team and make an immediate impact.


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