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Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Hansen improves operations and gives back to her tribe

February 24, 2021

Our workforce at Cherokee Federal is one of the best-trained-and-educated groups in the federal services sector. Through our values — purpose, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence — our employees demonstrate PRIDEin the work place, to our customers and to the communities we serve.

Chelsea Hansen, program finance analyst, demonstrates PRIDE through her work by not only playing a crucial role operationally, but also improving processes that have enabled Cherokee Federal to exceed clients’ expectations.

“Chelsea is the ultimate selfless team player who is known as being a problem-solver throughout Cherokee Federal,” adds Bradley Griffen, director of operational finance. “Her impact to the business can’t only be measured in dollars. She’s invaluable.”

Chelsea and her team are responsible for implementing a new system to make finance and program management more efficient. This system auto-integrates new contract awards into the company’s accounting and budgeting system.

“What once took hours now takes a push of a button from the contract teams into the accounting and budgeting system,” Chelsea explains. “This allows operations to create budgets quicker than ever before.”

Company leadership take’s pride in Chelsea, nominating her for this recognition.

“Chelsea has been with the company for six years, starting as an intern,” comments Carolyn Price, senior director operational accounting. “She showed intelligence and willingness to learn, so we offered her a position in billing. She has excelled and grown — advancing into the current position of program finance analyst and is known as one of our most knowledgeable individuals in her field.”

Chelsea is not only a stellar employee, but she is also a citizen of Cherokee Nation. Cherokee Federal’s mission is to diversify and grow the economy of Cherokee Nation and create jobs for Cherokee citizens.

Improving business practices ultimately produces profits supporting programs and services for tribal citizens – ensuring better lives today and tomorrow.

“I chose Cherokee Federal because I wanted to work for my tribe — who helped me all throughout college. Attending college fairs, I learned about different areas within Cherokee to develop a career and was excited to explore options,” Chelsea says. “I absolutely love being part of the team that supports our operations group, and I take pride in knowing my tribe is playing such a vital role in working these government contracts.”

Cherokee Federal’s team of companies offer industry-leading solutions to more than 60 federal customers across multiple verticals— ranging from advanced data analytics and telehealth to cybersecurity and logistics. 

Not only is Chelsea building a meaningful career that supports her tribe and makes a difference in the way we serve our federal customers, but she has also found a team that truly supports her.

“We have a small, tight-knit team that works well together. Each of us have different strengths, and we all depend on each other to make sure the operations team is supported,” Chelsea comments.

While COVID-19 has shifted her work to a remote environment, Chelsea remains close with her team and is grateful for leadership that supports a healthy work/life balance.  

“We have check-in calls every couple of days and we never fail to end the call laughing. I have made lifelong friendships through Cherokee and miss the in-office interactions with some of my favorite people,” Chelsea says. “I appreciate that management truly cares about everyone’s well-being and makes an effort to check in every chance they get.

Chelsea has found a meaningful career and a supportive team. Will you? There’s only one way to find out. Join our team and make an immediate impact.


Cherokee Federalis a team of tribally owned federal contracting companies focused on building solutions, solving complex challenges, and serving the nation’s mission around the globe for more than 60 federal clients. Cherokee Federal’s team of companies, with more than 3,300 employees, manages nearly 2,000 projects of all sizes across the construction, engineering and manufacturing, and mission solutions portfolios — ranging from advanced data analytics and telehealth to cybersecurity, cloud and logistics.

Cherokee Federal is a division of Cherokee Nation Businesses, the economic engine of Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. Its mission is to diversify and grow the economy of Cherokee Nation. Company profits support future business investments, as well as programs and services for tribal citizens. Cherokee Federal also believes in the value of a diverse workforce and in investing in the brightest talent to keep the company moving forward.

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