5 steps to finding work during COVID-19

July 14, 2020

More than 20 million individuals lost their jobs and applied for unemployment as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The uncertainty brought by the pandemic has left many of us asking – is it possible to find work during COVID-19?


The answer – yes!


Cherokee Federal is not only hiring, we’re growing. We’ve hired nearly 700 talented job seekers since the beginning of this calendar year, and currently we have 280 open positions throughout the U.S. and abroad  spanning five, high-growth lines of business. If you’re interested in working with Cherokee Federal, or even if you find yourself on a different career path, we’re all in this together. To help you succeed, we’ve talked with some of our top recruiters to get their advice on finding work in unprecedented times.


Step 1: Preparation

Cherokee Federal Sr. Recruiter Rosa Ballou suggests taking the time to sharpen your skills. Platforms such as Indeed offer free online courses and certifications. Update your resume with your new skills, and if you find a position, tailor your resume to fit the company’s needs and the position requirements.


Step 2: Update Your Social Media Profiles

This is also a great time to update your social media profiles, including LinkedIn. Take steps to ensure your profile pictures are professional and that your social media profiles reflect who you are both as a professional and as an individual. Here are steps to polish your profile from LinkedIn Business.


Step 3: Networking

Now is the time for digital networking, as recruiters are working to build their pipelines. Ballou suggests joining Facebook groups and contributing to conversations taking place. Sharing relevant content on all of your social media profiles with hashtags to connect you to target audiences are another great way to make a good impression online. Dan Perry, Cherokee Federal Recruiter, suggests using LinkedIn to network by looking for contacts at companies you’re interested in working with. Maximize your reach by asking them for two more contacts that you can connect with to strengthen your referral and connection with the company.


Step 4: Interview

Preparation is key for digital interviews. In addition to decluttering your workspace, looking professional and familiarizing yourself with the digital platform on which your interview will be conducted, Perry implores the need to also prepare yourself mentally. Prepare short success stories. Write out three to five sentences that present how you solved a problem using the skills you would bring to the company. Take advantage of the digital interview. Unlike an in-person interview, you can have notes, off camera, to guide you through your conversation at hand.


Step 5: Never Give Up

Kiara Williams, Cherokee Federal Recruiter, stresses the importance of candidates reading job descriptions to not only ensure they meet requirements, but to also ensure the candidate is happy with the position. “Times are difficult for everyone right now, but it’s important to not settle for a job because it’s a job. Your happiness is important too! If you’re willing to put in the work, I can assure you the right opportunity will come along,” said Williams.


Cherokee Federal is hiring for numerous positions. Discover a world of opportunities by exploring our job board. Be sure to follow and engage with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



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