Rapid. Reliable. Mission Driven.

Cherokee Federal's team of companies offer a unique approach to humanitarian solutions through a unifying concept called Team Hope.

Team Hope is a group of uniquely capable and passionate professionals focused on provided specialized staffing resources, emergency services and the critical assets and systems needed to deliver culturally compassionate care to vulnerable populations. We have partnered with the federal government in response to dozens of urgent missions around the globe. Our most recent experience includes caring for and reuniting children from the Northern Triangle with parents or sponsors and supporting Afghan refugees who’ve fled their home country to seek safety in the U.S.

100% of our profits go to serve citizens of the Cherokee Nation, many who are still impacted by multi-generational impacts of cultural uprooting, a nearly impossible journey filled with stories of loss, resiliency and triumph. 


This a full circle moment for us, a population of resettlement survivors and their descendants. Our work allows us to give hope to vulnerable people in need of compassionate and culturally appropriate care. We see this as an opportunity to alter the course of history by creating a more hopeful future for those we serve and generations to follow.

Key Program Support
Child & Refugee Welfare

For those affected by crisis and conflict, we provide critical humanitarian services with dignity and respect.

Immigration Support Services

We work closely with government agencies, state leaders and community-based organizations to ensure the effective and efficient processing of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees.

Resettlement Services

The resources and guidance we offer creates opportunities for families to successfully integrate into American society and regain control of their future.

Case Management

Our specialists have developed best-in-class processes to ensure each case is managed safely and swiftly.

The Power of Hope

Around the world, many people are victims of conflict and crisis. They endure wars, famine, natural disasters, poverty and violence. Many must flee their countries, leaving behind friends, family and all they’ve ever known. With little clue of what may happen to them, but knowing their lives likely depend on finding a new home. The trauma they experience can lead to hopelessness – a sense there is little expectation their situation will get better in the future. At Team Hope, what can we do to support them? Beyond the basics of providing food, shelter and essential needs, the common mission we are committed to is giving everyone we serve hope for a better future.


The impact of our work is significant and exponential. The opportunity to be a small part of their journey and offer a hopeful vision for their next chapter is what drives us every day.

Healing Children in Crisis

Hear from David Danwing, Cherokee Federal’s Senior Director of Case Management, about the healing powers of Trauma Informed Care in shelter environments.

Operation Allies Welcome – National Capitol Region

Cherokee Nation Management & Consulting was the prime contractor to lead the initial intake and processing of Afghans evacuees. During a seven-month time frame, CNMC helped process more than 50,000 Afghans through multiple intake facilities and worked to provide various wrap-around services, including medical, nutrition, temporary housing, supply chain and baggage inventory. 

Turnkey Capabilities
Emergency Staffing

Our experts can mobilize thousands of professionals across a variety of functions within 48-72 hours.

  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Disaster Response
  • Incident Response
  • Emergency Preparedness
Resource Deployment

We have access to an extensive range of products and systems ready to activate at a moment’s notice and that meet any design criteria.

  • Prefabricated Facilities & Custom Equipment
  • Restrooms, Showers & Hygiene Stations
  • Offices, Workspace & Living Quarters
  • Power Generation
Response Programs

Our highly trained professionals understand the urgent and unique needs of those we serve.

  • Clinical & Non-clinical Case Management
  • Child & Social Welfare
  • Repatriation Support
  • General Labor