Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions

Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions provides proven, unparalleled support to our federal government clients including a full life cycle approach to military medical health and research programs supporting the protection of the warfighter. We advance the mission of protecting and sustaining the health of the U.S. military through program management, medical research, behavioral health research, healthcare analysis and health IT services. The CNTS difference is our integrated and engaged, proactive program management approach. We work side by side with our customers and staff, implementing appropriate program, communication, and resource management processes to ensure a forward-thinking and innovative execution of mission objectives with an eye towards continuous improvement. Our services are timely and effective, and program requirements are achieved in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions partners with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to help solve health problems facing the warfighter.

Our Capabilities
  • Program Management
  • Medical Research
  • Behavioral Health Research
  • Health Care Analysis
  • Health IT Services

Additional Capabilities

    Program Management
    Strategic planning
    Organizational governance 
    Program development 
    Policy analysis & development
    Financial management
    Schedule analysis
    Research coordination
    Grant management
    Project management
    Medical Research
    Biomedical engineering research
    Casualty care and battlefield trauma research
    Clinical trial support
    Infectious/viral disease research support
    Vaccine product development
    Laboratory support services
    Regulatory and compliance support
    Pharmacological drug scheduling

Behavioral Health Research 
PH/TBI research
Suicide prevention
Biostatistics/Epidemiological Surveillance
Program evaluation
Clinical health outcomes analysis
Data surveillance

Health Care Analysis
• Analytical laboratory sciences
• Bioinformatics/Genomics
• Data analytics
• Health systems transformation
• Predictive analytics/decision support
• Research & analysis
• Studies & evaluation

Health IT Services
• Software development
• Web Application development
• Solution architecture
• Data architecture
• Data modeling 
• Database modernization, design, and development
• Big data
• ETL (extract, transform & load)






CAGE: 57W48

Air Force Civil Engineer Center
CNTS delivers complex programmatic, strategic and technical support for the Air Force Civil Engineer community across a variety of objectives for GEITA11. The company’s support services facilitate program and project requirements, the development of contract acquisitions, program and project execution oversight and financial/audit requirements.
U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
CNTS delivers critical support to medical research performed at the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR). Contracted service to USAISR covers logistics, budget, finance, electronic engineering, project management, grant management, medical records, technical writing and editing, QA/QC, administrative assistants and subject matter experts.
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
CNTS research on infectious diseases supports vaccine development programs at Walter Reed that target ZIKA, Dengue, Adenovirus and other tropical infections. The partnership advances Walter Reed’s mission of protecting and sustaining the health of the U.S. military through new drugs and vaccines; supporting global infectious diseases surveillance; completing detailed pathogen and disease descriptions; and educating the next generation of world class scientists and research support personnel.
U.S. Geological Survey
CNTS provides full life cycle support to the USGS mission with regards to scientific, laboratory and field research in the areas of chemistry, geology, biology, environmental science and wildlife management. Additionally, CNTS contracts with USGS to handle professional and administrative support, program management, budgeting, systems development and outreach, and web development and content management.
Management was very involved and easily accessible from the beginning until the end of this rating period.
Contractor Performance Assessment Reports Results | November 2018
Monthly meetings with management were held for updates, progress of contract, resolve pending issues and delivery of products. Response to calls/emails was within minutes and communication was open and productive. Management was very responsive and fulfilled applications in a timely manner. For example, in several occasions personnel left positions and found jobs in other companies. Management immediately addressed the matter. New personnel was competent and performed at levels comparable to expected quality.
Contractor Performance Assessment Reports Results | April 2019
The contractor's approach to management on this contract has been hands-on and collaborative. This approach has proven to be valuable to the Government and has resulted in the appearance of increased motivation among contractor personnel in an effort to meet (and perform) the terms and conditions of the contract.
Contractor Performance Assessment Reports Results | February 2019
During this rating period, the management of all performance deliverables met contractual requirements. Both on site and corporate program management personnel were highly effective, proactively addressed issues to keep the program on track, and maintained highly effective communication.
Contractor Performance Assessment Reports Results | June 2018
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